Relaxation and Goal setting.

It seems every time I blog; I make a false commitment of blogging more regularly however things just seem to get in the way.  The past week or so has been pretty good, with a week off work to catch up on some sleep and generally just relax. 

A quick summary of my training is as follows;

·     1 April:  SWEAT – Wild Wally 7 x 700m hill reps (3:10, 3:06, 3:04, 3:00, 3:01, 2:58, 2:55) Total 12.5km.  GYM – 30 minutes elliptical trainer, strength and core work.

·     2 April:  Mid week long run with Kerry and Deanne.  A total of 15.4km at 5:46/km pace.

·     3 April: SWEAT – 3 x 800m relaxed (3:44, 3:48, 3:46) Total: 11.5km.  Core work with medicine ball.

·     4 April: easy run 6km at 5:25/km pace.

·     5 April:  SS 10km Lane Cove race. 48:36. 61 second course PB and getting closer to my 10km PB of 48:09.  Bike:  1hr bike ride as recovery.

·     6 April:  Buffalo Creek Star, 19.6km (H4 course)

·     7 April:  GYM – 10 minutes bike followed by strength and core work.

·     8 April:  SWEAT – 15 minutes monster hill (hill reps) Total: 10.5km

I have also had time to think about my running goals for the remainder of 2008 so I have emailed everything off to Sean to assist with program development and some modifications to current program.  I have also signed up the Athletics NSW Winter Series which is very exciting.  I registered for the 2006 winter season and had a ball so I am really looking forward to what it has to offer.



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  1. You are most welcome for the cheers on Sunday. I think you found us the first time through, actually – it’s SO hard to see people you know, even when you are looking, in such a big crowd of runners. You looked good throughout, even when you said you were feeling not. And a PB, so maybe the hurt was worth it :-). Paul always talks about what a gutsy runner you are. Seems he’s right about that.

    Love to you both, see you round,

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