Getting things back together

It has been a while since my last post and so much has happened in that time.  I completed 6 Foot which no seems like it was months ago, but in reality it was only a couple of weeks ago.  I was really pleased with my run and achieved my personal goal of sub 6hrs, finishing in 5:56.

Since then I followed my recovery program for the first week at least, until running no longer became an immediate priority.  However, my mother’s health declined dramatically, and I was  nursing my mother during her final stages of cancer.  During this period I was sleeping at my parents house often rising every hour during the night either to just provide my mother with a drink, help her manage her pain, or sometimes she just wanted to talk.  This was was the same routine during the day, so as you can imagine there was little time or energy for running.

On Easter Monday, my family faced the hard task of having my mother admitted to hospital as we knew we could no longer provide the care she needed.  As my mother was taken to hospital, my father, sisters and our husbands we all there and we knew  this was the last time she would be present in our family home.  On Tuesday, 25 March, my mother passed away.  The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions, planning a funeral and dealing with the loss of my mother, and best friend.

In an attempt to get some normality back into my life I ran the 5km Challenge with Amjan, I had no goal time after such an emotional week combined with little sleep or food.  I really enjoyed the run I shared with Amjan as we talked about a number of things and it was just what I needed.  We finished in 25:38 which was pretty good all things considered.

At my mother’s wake, Bec, Katie, Kerry, Deanne and I all agreed to meet at 6am for the Striders Star.  It had been nearly 18 months since we have all ran together, so I was really looking forward to.  I did warn them I may not have been in my best condition.  We managed 22km on a pretty hilly course.


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