Another week gone…….

28 Jan: I am sticking to my guns and not running on Monday’s even though I was very tempted given that it was a Public Holiday and I was feeling good. I settled for some core work instead.

29 Jan: Big Bertha (10 laps). There were quite a few people missing, particularly the people who usually run at my level and help keep me focused on the session. I got myself into a comfortable rhythm and maintained a consistent pace and my splits supported this (2:29, 2:30, 2:33, 2:33, 2:34, 2:34, 2:33, 2:33, 2:33, 2:32, 2:27), finishing with a total time of 25:22. Finished the session with a lap of the lake as a cool down. Total 11.3km.

30 Jan: The usual Wednesday routine with Kerry accompanied with unbelievable levels of humidity. We did a variation of our usual route to ensure we get some extra hills in, cannot get enough of those at the moment. 15.2km @ 5:47/km, however it felt really slow today.

31 Jan: For some strange reason my SWEAT session was lighter than usual, and I was only scheduled for 3km fartlek. I finished in 14:27 feeling pretty good. Total 9.2km

1 Feb: Unplanned rest day due various commitments.

2 Feb: I was given strict instructions not to race the Striders 10k at Lane Cove, however I was still required to do a 10km, so Kerry and I agreed to run together at the back and remind each other not to race. A very enjoyable morning for us at the back of pack. We joked about how our handicap time will be blown out, as we crossed the line in 56:12.

3 Feb: After deciding not to do the Megalong Mega for various reasons, Kerry and I decided to run the STAR but meet earlier so we could fit a lap of the Bay in beforehand. We enjoyed a great running with a total distance of 36.6km with an average pace of 6km/hr. Even though we did get caught in the rain a couple of times, it was very humid so we drank heaps and even found a fountain at a new estate/residential complex that looked far too inviting, so we jumped. It was beautiful, although I don’t think the residents would appreciate two sweaty runners in the over-sized water feature ;-).

4 Feb: Rest day, but I’ll claim cleaning my parents home as cross training.

5 Feb: My program had something new on it today, 30 minutes of hill sprints.  Sean lead us across the park to our new training ground and explained the session. We ran 15 minutes of hills sprints from one side of the hill and then relocated and thankfully Sean decided to reduce the seconds sprint session to 13 minutes.  This was one session I was happy to finish.  I then ran back to the oval with the group, however continued on for an extra couple of k’s finishing off with some stretching.


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