Plugging along

23 Jan: I meet the girls for our usual mid week long run. We did our usual loop and chatted about everything and nothing, it is really good to have Deanne back with us again, we only need Katie and Helen back so we can plan our comeback tour…… After 10km Deanne left Kerry and I to finish off our run, however Kerry had work commitments that required her to be at home by 7am, so I finished the run by myself just running randomly through Queens Park. Total: 15:10 @ 5:46/km pace.

24 Jan: I made the silly mistake of hitting the wrong button when the alarm went off this morning, I thought I’d hit snooze until I woke and saw the time and realised I had missed SWEAT and my TT. I headed off to work early hoping to catch Blue Dog who had just finished night shift. Over a coffee we came up with a great alternative to a secret location Blue Dog has been visiting regularly over the past couple of weeks, so I agreed to leave work early to get our training in. One of my friends laughed when I told him my training plans, and told me I will never hit snooze again as the TT would have been the better option. He wasn’t wrong. I can honestly say this was the toughest session I have every completed, Blue Dog kindly talked me through the session and even paced me offering words of encouragement and advice on technique. I then lined up for another rep with goal of improving on my first rep, and happily improved my time by 11 seconds.

25 Jan:  Both Blue Dog and I were off work so we enjoyed a sleep in, relaxing coffee in bed and then decided it was time to hit the road.  I decided to run my usual easy Friday route along Botany Bay, running from home to the 3km point and then turning around for home.  My legs felt very heavy, I actually felt like I was running up and down on the spot.  So I just tuned out listened to my ipod and enjoyed the run.  I arrived home with 6km in the bank with an average pace of 5:36/km.

26 Jan:  CR 5km Challenge.  We arrived at the Bay early enough for a quick trip to the loo (I was a suffering from the stuffed jalapenos from the night before) and time for a warm up;  my legs were still heavy from Thursday’s killer session.  I was undecided what time to run so I started at 26 minutes with plan of running relaxed and bringing it home the last km.  The plan worked, I finished in 24:34 with the following splits ( 4:56, 4:59, 4:59, 4:55, 4:41).  I ran back with Professor who kept me honest with an average pace of 5:25/km for the return.  Total distance 12km.

27 Jan:  With the christening of Katie and Ray’s beautiful little girl, Charlie, I decided to run the Sunday long run close to home to give myself enough time to fit everything in.  This week is my recovery week, therefore I only had 2hrs on the program, so I ran along Kogarah Bay, Botany Bay to the Brighton-Le-Sands Fishing Club before turning around for home.  I arrived home a couple of minutes short of 2hrs  but the required distance achieved with 20.5km completed with average pace of 5:47/km.  Finished off a great day relaxing and chatting with my favourite people.


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  1. Thanks for sharing yesterday!!! Haha I agree….you will not hit snooze again 🙂

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