Culterally Inspired.

21 Jan: I decided to do a little cross training on my rest, so I took myself off the the gym after work for Spin Class. Now you know your in Rockdale when you walk into the cycle room and they have the Zorba playing the background, yes at Fitness First (even my sister, whose surname is now Zournazidis, yes my brother-in-law is greek, laughed when I told her). Thankfully I was reassured by the nice lady next me that spin classes are a great way to get fit, I didn’ t have the heart to tell her I was doing the class as a “rest day/recovery”. After the class I then completed my strenght and core exercises.

22 Jan: This morning’s session was 12 x Wild Walter (500m hill circuit). When I arrived I plodded around the lake as a warm up and felt really tired, my breathing was quite erratic and the legs felt heavy but I felt so much better once I had finished the drills and strides. I set myself a goal of running controlled and focus on form, which can sometimes slip when fatigued and thankfully my good friend Deanne passed on a very helpful tip. Stats: 2:23, 2:23, 2:20, 2:19, 2:19, 2:22, 2:15, 2:17, 2:15, 2:16, 2:15, 2:06(PB). Total 11km.


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