The Week that was…….

14 Jan:  Rest Day.  I did however visit my dietitian, and after being weighed and measured I was really happy to walked out recording some very good weight loss. I am very pleased to finally be wearing a dress I have not worn in two years.

15 Jan:  Wild Wally.  I felt really tied during the session, and was even instructed by Sean to sit one rep out and finish the session with a couple of easy laps.  My legs felt really heavy and my breathing was very erratic, thankfully I enjoyed a massage after work.  Daily total 8.5km.

16 Jan: Usual mid week long run with Kerry and Deanne, again in very humid conditions.  Total of 15.2km @ 5:44/km pace.

17 Jan:  5 x 800s.  I decide to utilise the lessons learnt from the track session at Jindy with a plan of running each rep faster, goal achieved (3:45, 3:41, 3:38, 3:37, 3:35).  Daily total 10.4km

18 Jan:  Rather than run along Botany Bay I decided to take the hilly option of Kogarah Bay for 30 minutes easy.  Total 5.7 @ 5:19/km.  After work I then went to the gym; 20 minutes cardio followed by strenght and core work.

19 Jan:  Unfortunately a hectic day which including, cake baking, cleaning my mother house and then hosting a baby shower did not leave time for my run.

20 Jan:  Headed up to 6 Foot with the usual gang and ran from Megalong Road to Allum Creek and back. Total 29.7km


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