Never hesitate

This week has definitely been one of many emotions.  On the way home Jindabyne last Sunday I visited my parents.  My mother undertook further tests and meet with her oncologist on 2 Jan.  Unfortunately, the cancer has spread further and she will not be receiving any further treatment.  We are now praying she will see the birth of her new grandchild due on 19 February 2007.

Subsequently I have been both physically and mentally exhausted, but have tried to keep the focus

7 Jan:  Rest day.

8 Jan:  I arrived at SWEAT with the plan to complete the session, however I decided to just run around the Park and have some time to myself. 9km

9 Jan:  Blue Dog joined Kerry and I for a mid-week run.  We did the usual loop but it was a real struggle but at least I could tick it off as completed. 15.2km

10 Jan: With a family friend arriving early at the airport I choose to run 10km along Botany Bay rather than attend SWEAT knowing I would have been struggle to get through the session and back to the airport in time.

11 Jan:  Unplanned rest day due to a hectic day with the family.

12 Jan:  Blue Dog, Kerry and I took our roadshow down to Wollongong for “Stalky’s Half”.  Blue Dog did warn me I would probably hate him for suggesting this race at the time, but would thank him for it later.  Definitely one tough course, but perfect training for 6 Foot.  Kerry and I reached the turn around in 1hr 35min (definitely not a quick course…..LOL), and I finished in 2hr 53min, which is a terrible time for the running resume, however to my surprise I was first female (hey only a small field but I’ll claim it).

13 Jan: I opted for a 10km recovery run along Botany Bay this morning.  Was very happy to finish, as I felt terrible which could have due to the previous day’s adventures and a combination of heat.  It was nice to dive into the pool when I got home.


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  1. Hugs and kisses for you and your family. Love Di, Grete, Jac, Somie, Knox (and Paul when he’s being good).

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