This one time…….

With Christmas Day over I am now getting myself ready for a running camp with Sean Williams at Jindabyne.  For some strange reason I had set in my mind I will be away for nine days, but sitting down today to look over the itinerary (again), I finally realized I will experience 11 training filled days at camp ;-).

The last few days have been very busy, with only one day of training missed due to an unexpected health scare with my mother during her usual chemo treatment, thankfully it was my 30 minute relaxed session.

I ventured up to Quarry Road on Sunday (23 Dec) for two laps.  Razor, Redback, Kerry and myself all agreed to meet at 6am to get an early start, so we could get away and finished off the last few pre-Christmas necessities.  Kerry and I ran well together with our second lap being slightly quicker than the first.  I was really pleased we I came home and found that I had cut 40 minutes from my previous time of two laps, although a while ago (December 2005) it’s good to notice improvements.

I meet the usual crowd at the Bay for the Christmas Day run, a run I have enjoyed for the last four years.  This years crown we all a little quicker than me but I held my own and managed to keep up (or they slowed down for me), and finished with a lap of the Bay plus a little extra to give me an even 10km for the day.   I then enjoyed a nice relaxing day at my parents place with my sisters, brother-in-laws, niece, nephew and joined by Blue Dog after his finished work.

Now back home to pack my bags for my little adventure.  See you in a few days.


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  1. happy new year bernie and dog!

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