Lots of training, no blogging……..

It has been quite a few days since I last checked in, and quite alot has happened in those few days.  Some of the highlights include;

  •  Otford to Bundenna
  • A short holiday in Grafton and Byron Bay
  • Hill training on the Bryon Bay headland (all good strenght in the legs for an event in March 😉
  • Welcoming little Charlie Rowell into the world
  • My birthday

Today I was back at SWEAT for another hill session, Wild Walter.  My legs felt very heavy, particularly my left calf that felt like it was burning during the warm up.  I happily settled into a a relatively comfortable pace, until Sean challenged me for the last few reps and set targets for me.  In the end I finished the 12 reps with very erratic pacing but I won the challenge 🙂

After coming back to work yesterday for a week before I go on Annual leave for three weeks I am finding it very hard to get motivated but at least it’s that time of year.  I am now starting to get very excited about my training camp starting on 27 December to 6 January.


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