Back to Basics

15 November

I set the alarm with all intentions of going to SWEAT, however I was extremely tired and reset the alarm and just run along Botany Bay.  When the alarm went off again, I jumped straight out of bed knowing it would be dangerous to hit the snooze button.  I grabbed the ipod and hit the road,  I enjoyed a nice run along Botany Bay watching the day come alive.  I did a total of 10km with an average pace of 5:20.

 16 November

I headed out for my usual Friday run and noticed alot more traffic than usual and I finally found the answer when I approached The Grand Parade, somebody had hit the telegraph pole in the night and workman were in the process of replacing the pole.  I enjoyed the luxury of not having to wait the for lights to change and settled into a good rythem.  Unfortunately my Garmin died half way through the run (flat battery), however I knew the course very well and finished up with nice easy 7km.

17 November

We enjoyed a nice sleep in with one of those rare mornings that we didn’t need to set the alarm, so it was great to wake up naturally.  After a quick cup of coffee I headed out the door for my run, just taking my regular Kogarah Bay and Botany Bay route of 10km.  I finished with an average pace of 5:33/km, which was a little quicker than I had planned but it felt comfortable.


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