Training Blindly

I have set another goal post Fitzroy Falls to keep me honest, and I have even recruited the assistance of my lovely husband for additional support, so it’s time to get training and re-focussed.

20 October 

I enjoyed a nice run around Kogarah and Botany Bay, a run that I call the “Sansi Circuit” which is a nice 7.5km loop.  I took my ipod and just enjoyed a nice cruisy run and was comfortabley surprised to finish with an average pace of 5:36/km.

21 October

I vetured out to SMC and decided the 10km event was what I needed, and good solid run to push myself harder than I have been lately and get my mind back into race mode.  I went throught the first couple of k’s quicker than I planned but I kept a good solid pace going.  I finished in 50:08, and I was happy knowing I had put in a good solid effort.  Wayne and I had discussed a race plan and he suggest the last kilometre should be quickest, that was achieved with a 4:35 for the last kilometre.22 October

22 October 

Rest Day.

23 October

As I am still on a “recovery” program post marathon I still arrive to SWEAT with no idea of the session ahead, it was Wild Wally.  I completed 5 reps and felt pretty good, a little breathless but no too bad.

24 October

I had the day off work so I ventured out along Botany Bay with Blue Dog.  I suggested a 13km run, my longest since the marathon.  I actually felt quite uncomfortable through the run and we ran back in a really strong head wind.  Finished with an average pace of 5:36/km.

After a quick shower I was then out the door to accompany my mother to a doctors appointment.  Another anxious day.

 25 October

After waking to the sound of rain I drove over to SWEAT for a speed session.  Sean advised me to run 4 x 800 and see how I go.  I just didn’t feel good this morning, my legs were very heavy and I just could find the right gear.  Sean advised me after the session to have a couple of easier days, as he could see I was fatigued.


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